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Mangatangi River Rock Limited (100% owned by Hugh Green Group) produces washed, screened and uncrushed river stones from coarse, greywacke-derived river gravel in the Mangatangi Valley at 900 Kaiaua Rd.

The quarry started producing aggregates in June 2006. Mangatangi River Rock Limited is situated in Franklin District between inland Mangatangi and Kaiaua. The quarry is on the Firth of Thames and is approximately 10kms inland from Kaiaua and 20kms east of the start of highway 2 at Bombay.

Top Reasons to Buy

1 Farming & Commercial

2 Large Scale Commercial Drainage

3 Gabion Rip-Rap

4 Parks & Playgrounds

5 Decorative Walls

6 River & Stream Restoration

Mangatangi River Rock Limited has been producing quality aggregate products since


Our Products

Un-crushed coarse grey wacke-derived fluviatile gravels with a small proportion of coarser-grained slightly to moderately weathered greywacke sandstone clasts. It has grey-gold tones, reflecting the look of a typical NZ River and is very suitable for the mulching of gardens and other decorative uses such as the creation of natural water features. It is also great drainage, RipRap and Gabion Rock.

All the grades have permeability coefficient of 82ms plus which indicates drainage capabilities greater than crushed rock. The grades over 80mm are ideal for Gabion baskets & Rip/Rap.

Further Terms of Sale

  • Single Axle Trailer $60 Minimum
  • Double Axle Trailer $100 Minimum
  • All sales will be ex-quarry via the weighbridge
  • Listed products are subject to availability
  • All sales are subject to our standard Terms of Trade
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • Rates per m3 are given as a guide only
  • Bulk Rate discount can apply
Weathering Quality
Crushing Resistance400kN
Specific Gravity2.621
Meets TNZ Spec For Drainage
3mm-5mm Pea Metal

Pea Metal

$35 / Tonne

5mm-20mm River Pebble

River Pebble

$65 / Tonne

20mm-40mm River Pebble

River Pebble

$35 / Tonne

40mm-80mm River Pebble

River Pebble

$35 / Tonne

80mm-120mm Gabion


$35 / Tonne

120mm-200mm Gabion


$35 / Tonne

200mm-500mm Boulder


$40 / Tonne

Garden Rocks

Pick Your Own
Garden Rocks

$100 / Tonne

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